Sxerks-NESPC-164 Sxerks-NESPC-165

NES board controller connectors. Solder points.

Sxerks-NESPC-166 Sxerks-NESPC-167

Connectors desoldered. A nice 15 pin connector from an old VCR.

Sxerks-NESPC-168 Sxerks-NESPC-169

Two 7 pin NES connectors connected to one 15 pin.

Sxerks-NESPC-170 Sxerks-NESPC-171

Routing of cable. Pins soldered to back of parallel port.

Sxerks-NESPC-172 Sxerks-NESPC-173

HD power/ground for controllers. Routing of cables.

Sxerks-NESPC-174 Sxerks-NESPC-175

More routing and hot glue.

Sxerks-NESPC-176 Sxerks-NESPC-177

Added leads for more controllers. Connections on pins 2,3,10,11,12,13.

Sxerks-NESPC-178 Sxerks-NESPC-179

Cable routing. The Four Score.

Sxerks-NESPC-180 Sxerks-NESPC-181

Four Score open. Connector open.

Sxerks-NESPC-182 Sxerks-NESPC-183

Old controller. Old controller end.

Sxerks-NESPC-184 Sxerks-NESPC-185

Original connection. New connector, DIP switches.

Sxerks-NESPC-186 Sxerks-NESPC-187

Rear hole larger. First wire connection attempt.

Sxerks-NESPC-188 Sxerks-NESPC-189

Hot glue. Pre fit and test.

Sxerks-NESPC-190 Sxerks-NESPC-191

Solder on pins I cut, oops. Final connector.

Sxerks-NESPC-192 Sxerks-NESPC-193

Rewire and cuts on circuit board. Plug cover hole enlarged.

Sxerks-NESPC-194 Sxerks-NESPC-000

Final. Test of controllers good.

Four Score

To hook up 4 controllers you need 8 wires.

The 4S only has 7 wires, so I took apart another controller,

and used its wires to hook up controllers 3 and 4.

After the first test when I press the A button all buttons

would come on (yea that problem). So I started cutting into

the circuit board to isolate each controller plug. I had

wanted to just flip some switches inside and connect the

original plug and have it work with a unmodded NES. That

didn't happen. So I isolated the circuit board and got

controllers 1 and 2 working, but no response from 3 or 4.

So I ohmed the wires and found that the wires from the

controller I took apart had half the resistance of the other

4S wires. So I rewired and used the low ohm wires for the

power and ground. Now it worked.

Sxerks-NESPC-195 Sxerks-NESPC-196

These are the areas I cut. And these are some common connections, except yellow.

Blue is ground. Purple is power. Orange is DB25-2. Brown is DB25-3.

Yellow is DB25-10,11,12,13.


This is the way I wired it up.

I used DB25-11 instead of DB25-15 because I soldered to the inside of

the parallel port. If you do yours externally you should use 15.

Now you install the DirectPadPro software, and choose "5" Nintendo

controllers( "4" if you used DB25-15) and continue.

Once all 5 are installed, go to the device manager and under

"human interface" disable the 4th controller, there is two

places you need to do this in the device manager(ignore if you used DB25-15).

Now in the control panel you will have 4 controllers.

Go to each ones properties and disable force feedback.

Now test and cal each to make sure they work.