24X10X24X8 CD-RW/DVD, 40GB HD, and 1394/USB connector.

Sxerks-NESPC-116 Sxerks-NESPC-117

HD/adapter and pin 1 line up. Pin to be cut.

Sxerks-NESPC-118 Sxerks-NESPC-119

Cut HD pin. Notch and support for DVD drive

Sxerks-NESPC-120 Sxerks-NESPC-121

DVD drive prefit. Support notch.

Sxerks-NESPC-122 Sxerks-NESPC-123

More of the support notch.

Sxerks-NESPC-124 Sxerks-NESPC-125

DVD power connector trim. Power connector now fits near IDE cable.

Sxerks-NESPC-126 Sxerks-NESPC-127

Cut off one 1394 port. Ready for metal tape.

Sxerks-NESPC-128 Sxerks-NESPC-129

Shielded. Bracket altered to fit in case.

Sxerks-NESPC-130 Sxerks-NESPC-131

DVD - HD mounting bracket.

Sxerks-NESPC-132 Sxerks-NESPC-133

Don't cover hole. HD mounted.

Sxerks-NESPC-134 Sxerks-NESPC-135

Hole. Teflon tape under metal tape.

Sxerks-NESPC-136 Sxerks-NESPC-137

DVD mounted(had to cut screws down on this side). Placeholder screw.

Sxerks-NESPC-138 Sxerks-NESPC-139

Hard to get screw in place. Washers for spacing.

Sxerks-NESPC-140 Sxerks-NESPC-141

HD/DVD 1394/USB mounted. Bracket from old VCR.

Sxerks-NESPC-142 Sxerks-NESPC-143

Bracket altered, Tefloned, and screwed in place.

Sxerks-NESPC-144 Sxerks-NESPC-145

Bracket again. Exterior final.

The DVD/HD is held up by the notch on one side and a screw on the other.

And it is friction fit to the top of the NES case.