Chicony KB-9820

The Chicony KB-9820

Sxerks-NESPC-042 Sxerks-NESPC-043

Guts of the IR receiver and a cut NES front plate. And the hole cut in the front of the NES.

Sxerks-NESPC-044 Sxerks-NESPC-045

Hole cut in the Black cover. IR receiver purple plastic cut up.

Sxerks-NESPC-046 Sxerks-NESPC-047

IR plastic in place temp. Looking through the plastic.

Sxerks-NESPC-048 Sxerks-NESPC-049

Notches cut for the circuit board. Circuit board in place temp.

Sxerks-NESPC-050 Sxerks-NESPC-051

Front view of sensor placement. Ready for Epoxy.

Sxerks-NESPC-052 Sxerks-NESPC-053

Epoxied and looking through. LEDs desoldered from circuit board.

Sxerks-NESPC-054 Sxerks-NESPC-055

LEDs in a 8 pin connector from an old VCR. New leads soldered in.

Sxerks-NESPC-056 Sxerks-NESPC-023

Close solder points(too close). Rear middle case mount cut off.

Sxerks-NESPC-057 Sxerks-NESPC-058

Screw mounts Epoxied. Teflon tape added between circuit board and top plate screws.

Sxerks-NESPC-059 Sxerks-NESPC-060

Circuit board temp install. Circuit board final with lots of hot glue for LEDs.

Sxerks-NESPC-061 Sxerks-NESPC-062

Hot glue holding wires in place. Another angle.

In the last shot you can see the circuit board connection is quite cramped.

I should have desoldered it, straightened the pins and replaced it upright.

Update: KB/MS external hookup changed.

Sxerks-NESPC-063 Sxerks-NESPC-064

The PS2 header and RCA/SPDIF jumpers. DPDT switches, 10 pin connector, 2 pin connectors.

Sxerks-NESPC-065 Sxerks-NESPC-066

Bracket. Bracket in place.

Sxerks-NESPC-067 Sxerks-NESPC-068

Switches mounted and hole enlarged in case.

Sxerks-NESPC-069 Sxerks-NESPC-070

Mounted and painted. Wires soldered on.

Sxerks-NESPC-071 Sxerks-NESPC-072

Wire routing. Hot glued and intake fan.

Sxerks-NESPC-073 Sxerks-NESPC-074

Rear of case, painted power screws. Front, painted top of dvd drive.

The light paint was a mix of black, white and tan.

The dark stuff was a mix of black and white.

I plan on taking the sticker off a SMB cartridge and try to make the dvd drive look like a cartridge.

The PS2 header diagram in the manual shows the pinout.

The 'External' refers to the PS2 plugs on the rear of the motherboard.

I set up a Double Pole Double Throw switch for each the KB and Mouse.

So that it switches between the internal IR KB/MS data and clk and the PS2 data and clk.

The PS2 already has +5 and ground, so I only needed those to goto the internal IR device.

As for the RCA/SPDIF that also uses a DPDT to isolate the jumpers.

Update: KB/MS Battery power switch added.

This was added to stop the batteries from draining when not in use.

Sxerks-NESPC-075 Sxerks-NESPC-076

IR KB opened up. Where to cut circuit board and add 2 leads.

Sxerks-NESPC-077 Sxerks-NESPC-078

Where to clip wire. Switch mounted in case.

Sxerks-NESPC-079 Sxerks-NESPC-080

Switch mounted again. Wires added to switch.

Sxerks-NESPC-081 Sxerks-NESPC-082

Prefit. Final, painted screws green(ON) and red(OFF).