Sxerks-NESPC-001 Sxerks-NESPC-002

Dirty NES from eBay. Broken lid, had to replace with my own.

Sxerks-NESPC-003 Sxerks-NESPC-004

More broken lid. Guts of NES.

Sxerks-NESPC-005 Sxerks-NESPC-006

Cutting/melting the T. The T cut out.

Sxerks-NESPC-007 Sxerks-NESPC-008

Prefit the T. The back cut out nicely.

Sxerks-NESPC-009 Sxerks-NESPC-010

MB prefit. T ready for Epoxy.

Sxerks-NESPC-011 Sxerks-NESPC-012

Epoxied T. Removing Teflon tape from bottom after Epoxy hardened.

Sxerks-NESPC-013 Sxerks-NESPC-014

The T final. Teflon under the Motherboard.

Sxerks-NESPC-015 Sxerks-NESPC-016

The T from the bottom. Pre KB/mouse connection.

Sxerks-NESPC-017 Sxerks-NESPC-018

Cut for KB/mouse. Thread KB/mouse cords.

Sxerks-NESPC-019 Sxerks-NESPC-020

KB/mouse and MB connection. 1394/USB cut and metal taped.

Sxerks-NESPC-021 Sxerks-NESPC-022

One 1394 in place. 1394 from back.

Sxerks-NESPC-023 Sxerks-NESPC-024

Rear middle case mount cut off. Mounts prefit.

Sxerks-NESPC-025 Sxerks-NESPC-026

MB mounts Epoxied

Sxerks-NESPC-027 Sxerks-NESPC-028

MB screwed to mounts.

Sxerks-NESPC-029 Sxerks-NESPC-030

Side air intake and fan.

Sxerks-NESPC-031 Sxerks-NESPC-032

Side air intake and fan. Front finished

Sxerks-NESPC-033 Sxerks-NESPC-034

Front open finished with HD LED. Right side finished.

Sxerks-NESPC-035 Sxerks-NESPC-036

Back finished. Left side finished.

Sxerks-NESPC-037 Sxerks-NESPC-038

Top finished. Bottom finished.

Sxerks-NESPC-039 Sxerks-NESPC-040

Bottom and back finished. DVD, one 1394, two USB, HD LED finished.


Back ports.

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