Sxerks-NESPC-146 Sxerks-NESPC-147

Power and reset buttons. Desoldered buttons.

Sxerks-NESPC-148 Sxerks-NESPC-149

No room. Buttons cut.

Sxerks-NESPC-150 Sxerks-NESPC-151

More cut. VCR buttons will work nicely.

Sxerks-NESPC-152 Sxerks-NESPC-153

VCR buttons in place. Wedged in with a piece of plastic and hot glue.

Sxerks-NESPC-154 Sxerks-NESPC-155

Buttons in place. Soldered, and HD LED(wires and LED from old 8086.

Sxerks-NESPC-156 Sxerks-NESPC-157

Buttons ready. Buttons in case.

Sxerks-NESPC-158 Sxerks-NESPC-159

Power wire routing. More cable routing.

Sxerks-NESPC-160 Sxerks-NESPC-161

Wire for air intake fan. More cables.

Sxerks-NESPC-162 Sxerks-NESPC-163

Cables again. DVD tray out.

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